February 22, 2014


A grilled cheese sandwich. It was made with Safeway brand whole wheat bread, which is not vegan (it has whey powder in it), but since we already had it in the house, I’m going to use it up anyways. We also used Becel’s vegan margarine, and daiya pepperjack style shreds. I will never lie about how something tastes here so I’ll admit I’ve tried the regular cheddar style shreds that daiya makes before, and while they are the best cheese substitute I’ve tried so far, they do not actually taste like real grated cheese. As far as daiya’s regular cheddar shreds go, I’ve really enjoyed them as a small addition to a dish that you would normally sprinkle a little cheese on, but I haven’t had great experiences with them in foods where cheese is the star. For example, a baked potato sprinkled with some daiya cheddar style shreds, or daiya cheddar style shreds sprinkled on some soup are things I’ve had good experiences with. Encouraged by these experiences I once smothered some tortilla chips in melt-y cheddar style daiya and dug in….I will never make that mistake again. I have also tried the daiya cheddar style shreds in grilled cheese sandwiches before, and wasn’t particularly inspired to repeat the experience. As such, I approached this particular sandwich (of February 22) with some trepidation. As a precaution, I asked my husband to be generous with the margarine, which I already know I like just as much as regular butter or margarine, and go light on the “cheese.” My verdict on this sandwich is that it was delicious. The extra spicy kick that the pepperjack style has versus the regular cheddar style was a huge improvement for me. Had I not known what I was eating, I don’t think I would have been able to confidently call out the “cheese” as fake, though I might have potentially thought in passing, “hmmm…this cheese is a little different.” I definitely see the pepperjack shreds being a repeat purchase for us.

Secondly, we shared an Amy’s aloo mattar wrap, and it was absolutely delicious. Not very spicy, but that could have been easily fixed with a hot sauce had we really felt the inclination to turn up the heat I suppose.

Thirdly, we ate some steamed corn, tossed in a little bit of vegan margarine and some pepper. Is it sad that we sometimes use “butter” as a spice? Perhaps. It sure tasted good though.

Lastly, for dessert, we tried Luna & Larry’s dark chocolate coconut bliss bars. These were just like those fudge ice cream bars I had when I was little (note: the first bite, I thought, “well, it’s not quite like the ones I’m used to”, but by the end of the bar, I didn’t notice anything weird about it), with a pleasant hint of coconut flavor. Given that it was supposed to be a dark chocolate bar, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t taste all that boldly dark to me, but I suppose I’m in the minority on that point. Everyone else seems to prefer “milkier” chocolate products.


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