February 24, 2014


An unexciting repeat of yesterday’s breakfast – instant oatmeal with Almond Fresh. Still yummy.


So yesterday at church, I had not one, but two friends give me a gift of some sweet treats. Some chocolate chip cookies, a rice crispy square and some Hershey kisses. I ate some of them. I shared them with my son. These were obviously not vegan. This is going to be a tricky thing for me. I absolutely have a sweet tooth, and people at church love giving each other baked goods. Maybe I’ll be able to think of a good way to broadcast my desire to eat vegan to everyone at church.

I also had two oranges today.


I had leftover pasta from last night’s dinner, and a salad straight from the bag. I tossed it in some olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing. I also had a glass of the original version of Almond Fresh, with some No Name (brand) chocolate syrup mixed in. Really, really easy. I know that my mom has complained that meals with no meat in them just aren’t as hearty or satisfying. Pasta definitely solves this problem for me.

Dinner #1:

I cheated on veganism in the worst possible way. My mother-in-law dropped by on her way home from work and brought with her chicken nuggets and fries from Wendy’s. When she offered me some, I gave her kind of a non-committal response, and had a few french fries when we all sat down together. My son ate come chicken nuggets and fries, while I fed his baby sister her food. Don’t worry – I don’t feed the baby chicken nuggets and fries from Wendy’s. I totally thought I was in the clear, and that my mother-in-law would eat all her nuggets and leave me in peace. However, as I was cleaning up the baby’s dinner, she headed out, leaving us with four more chicken nuggets and a bunch of french fries. I asked my son if he wanted them. He didn’t want to eat any more. I thought about throwing them in the garbage, but I didn’t really see the point. After all, I like fast food as much at the next person. That is, I think I want to eat it, and it tastes good for the first few bites, and then I feel really gross afterwards. So yeah – I ate the nuggets, and the rest of the fries.

I was curious about what I might decide to order if I did find myself at a fast food restaurant in the future. At Wendy’s it appears that the safe choices are french fries, the plain baked potato and the garden side salad. Vegan accompaniments to these items are the pomegranate vinaigrette dressing, spicy roasted cashews, spicy asian chili vinaigrette, tortilla chips and salsa.

Dinner #2:

Everyone else eats two dinners too, right?

rice + potatos


My second dinner was some steamed asparagus spears, mashed potatoes mixed with a little bit of vegan margarine, pepper, peas and corn. I also had some rice that had been cooked in vegetable broth. This was very simple and quick to make, and totally enjoyable.


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