February 26, 2014


An Eggo toaster waffle (not vegan) with maple syrup. I served two of these to my son with his breakfast this morning and he only ate one, so….I’m noticing a recurring theme involving my kids not finishing their food and me cheating on veganism. I think I’ll have to look into some good breakfasts we both like, that are really easy. My son doesn’t like oatmeal unfortunately.


I had an apple and an orange. And a piece of (gelatin-free) candy corn.

Dinner #1:

rice and salad

Left over rice (cooked with vegetable broth, and mixed with a tiny bit of tomato paste) mixed with peas. Salad from the bag with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner #2:

veggie spag

Inspired by a veggie spaghetti recipe that I saw in my Facebook news-feed, my husband came up with a spaghetti dish that we both thoroughly enjoyed. If anything could improve our recipe, I think it would be making it a little bit more spicy, but as far as ‘meatiness’ goes, neither of us had any complaints. It was hearty and satisfying.

We ate our spaghetti sauce on…spaghetti. And we also ate it with garlic toast – toasted vegan bread with vegan margarine, a little bit of garlic powder and parsley. I had three pieces. It’s impossible not to love garlic bread.


A coconut ice cream bar. It’s only the second day I’ve eaten one, and already I’m used to it. They are sooooo um, delicious.


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