February 28, 2014

Note: I usually do eat more than this. I’m currently writing an academic paper that is due on Tuesday, and when I’m in the zone I kind of forget to eat (except for conveniently open bags of candy are laying around the house of course).

Snacks: Half of an avocado. An apple. 2 or 3 glasses (I can’t remember for sure) of coconut almond milk. 4 twizzlers. A handful of Kit-Kat bites. Oops. Darn people leaving open bags of candy around the house. I think I need to invest in some vegan candy/chocolate for instances where temptations such as this arise. Half a McDonald’s ice cream cone. Darn kids getting McDonald’s ice cream cones with their grandma and then coming home and announcing they don’t want anymore. Not sure what to do about that. I can’t quite bring myself to throw out something I know I’ll like enjoy eating.


Half of a grilled “cheese” sandwich – made with vegan margarine, and made on vegan sourdough bread from a local health food store. In response to my inquiries about vegan bread, my awesome friend not only shared her knowledge about buying vegan bread, but picked some up for me. Feel blessed to have great friends. Again, we did go easy on the “cheese” and the sandwich was perfect! I really like the sourdough bread for grilled cheese.

We also had another big helping of our vegan spaghetti sauce, this time on fettuccine since we are out of spaghetti. I can’t believe how big of a batch we (he) made. We might have to eat it all weekend – and it was actually incredibly inexpensive to make that huge batch too! That was awesome. I know some people get turned off by eating the same thing for multiple days in a row, but I just love the fact that I don’t have to do any work beyond heating it up. And sometimes I don’t even have to do that – for dinner I just sit on the couch and my husband brings it right to me. Again, blessed.


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