March 1, 2014


Half a slice of beef bacon. Left over on kids plate from breakfast his grandma served him. I have no self control. Actually, that’s not true. My mom left a package of cinnamon buns with delicious looking cream cheese icing on the counter today, and I would have loved to have one, but didn’t. I went out with friends tonight, and they were all eating pizza, and I didn’t have any. I can exercise self control, but when it’s a bite here or there of something I enjoy that’s going to end up in the garbage anyways…that’s where I lose my desire to do so.

By late morning I finally got around to trying the thing I wanted to try today. It was a recipe for french toast roll-ups that looked very delicious, and very animal product heavy. Wanting to give a few more animal product substitutes a try, mostly out of curiosity, I decided to give it a go with vegan bread, egg replacer, vegan buttery spread and vegan cream cheese.

french toast

The cream cheese substitute we used actually calls itself ‘better than cream cheese.’ Don’t believe it! It’s not true. I tried a little taste of it before I attempted the recipe, and while the texture is bang on, and it tastes OK at first, it has kind of a weird after taste. It kind of makes me wonder if there are actually people out there that straight up use this item as a replacement for cream cheese….like on a bagel for instance. Because if that happens…uh, that’s sort of gross.

I decided to try the cream cheese and strawberry version of the recipe anyways, and I loved it. Phew. I was worried the “cream cheese” would ruin it! I skipped the sugar coating the recipe called for because it sort of seemed like sweetness overkill, but I did dip some of the roll-ups I ate in maple syrup. Was there a hint of something in the taste of the french toast that wasn’t quite the same as regular french toast? Yup. In terms of taste alone, of course I would prefer regular french toast. But the vegan version was like, 95% as good. In fact, I enjoyed these so much, that even though I had doubled the recipe, by the end of the day I had eaten them all.

I also ate the rest of the box of strawberries that I didn’t use up when making the roll-ups.

Don’t worry. Paper is due on Tuesday. Following that, I will start eating actual proper meals again. Actually, I did eat one proper meal today….


Bowl of steamed corn with vegan buttery spread and pepper. Bowl of “creamy” potato leek soup, with some pepper and green onion added to turn up the heat of course.


One thought on “March 1, 2014

  1. Personal tastes counts with everything, not just vegan food. My kids like ‘cream cheese’ and jam bagels, I don’t. I do like savory flavored ‘cream cheese’ on bagels, however. Some like Tofutti brand, others like Daiya. Dessert tofu and plant milk is the easiest / laziest french toast base ever.

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