March 2, 2014


2 slices of vegan sourdough bread with vegan buttery spread. I also licked my fingers after spreading cream cheese icing on the cinnamon roll my son ate with breakfast. I also had a glass of grape juice and a glass of almond milk.


A glass of orange juice.

Dinner #1:

Cheater alert. I went to my brother’s house for dinner. I hadn’t actually broken them the news of my decision to try to go vegan, mostly because I didn’t really anticipate the most supportive response. My brother teased me a bit, and also asked some genuine questions about how my diet would be changing, and what it would look like now. I told him a little bit about the animal product substitutes I’d tried so far, and how I was finding that I actually just prefer regular food instead of mock meat and dairy. My sister-in-law did a little bit of eye rolling, and asked why I didn’t just eat less meat (me: I already did that), or just become vegetarian instead (me: non-committal ‘this is just what I’ve decided’ response). Anyways, I told them next time they invite me over for dinner that if they have some item being served that is vegan, I’ll just have that, and skip the non-vegan stuff, and if there is no vegan stuff they should let me know ahead of time, and I’ll just bring something to share. I also told them that next time I come over for dinner I’m totally bringing some life altering-ly amazing vegan cupcakes from Entrées Etc. My brother, who loves to bake, was somewhat skeptical when I told him that vegan baking could be just as good as non-vegan baking.

Anyways, so for tonight, on the dinner table was a meat lasagna, buttery garlic bread, Parmesan cheese and a garden salad with ranch dressing. I could, of course, have just eaten the naked salad. But some combination of hunger (I’d just been at church for 5 hours and hadn’t eaten since my 2 pieces of toast on the run in the morning), a desire not to be rude and the fact that I love lasagna informed my decision to eat the lasagna (sans Parmesan cheese), a slice of garlic bread and the salad (sans ranch). I feel like I kind of failed today, but now that I’ve set up some expectations for next time, I’m confident that my next dinner there will go better. Unless they just stop inviting me.

My brother, who is a fantastic baker, baked a pudding cake with dulce de leche icing. I initially declined a slice myself, which was supposed to be my minuscule victory of the night, but then I ended up finishing what my son had left in his bowl after he announced he didn’t want any more. And then having another tiny slice right after, because it was really, really good. It kind of reminded when of when I was dieting to try to lose weight before my wedding. If I ever cheated on my diet a little bit, I would just be like, “well, since I’m cheating anyways, I may as well make it worth it.” Of course, this kind of thinking makes no sense at all. If you’re trying to lose weight, there’s a big difference between having a bite of chocolate cake, a whole slice, and a whole cake. I suppose the same thing likely applies to trying to cut out animal products. Sigh. Good thing I’m bringing the dessert next time.

Dinner #2:

Dal with garlic naans. Yes! Vegan garlic naans exist! This might be the world’s best news ever. My husband and I both forgot to take note of the brand before we tossed the package, but we bought them at superstore and checked the ingredients and they were vegan-safe! Maybe it was President’s Choice? They were the kind you buy frozen, not fresh. We’ll check next time we (he) go(es) shopping.


A Popsicle.


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