March 3, 2014


A glass of grape juice.


veggie spag + salad

Veggie sauce on linguine. Salad from the bag with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner #1:

Dal with a slice of vegan sourdough toast and some more salad from the bag with the same dressing. My son ate 2 and 1/2 slices of the whole wheat toast (non-vegan) with his lentils, and I ate the remaining 1/2 slice of his toast that he left on his plate (as well as his leftover lentils).

Dinner #2:

Yummy chickpea pilau with a new and improved vegan raita. I should have taken a picture, because it looked as awesome as it tasted! The NAI raita was made with cultured coconut milk, which was a huge improvement on the cultured almond milk. The look and texture of the coconut milk version was exactly like real yogurt! The taste was a bit different, most noticeably in that it (unsurprisingly) had a hint of coconut flavour. This was a bit odd for plain yogurt, but no big deal. I am however, really excited to try the Greek style fruit flavored cultured coconut milks. I loooove Greek yogurt, and I am now extremely optimistic that a great vegan substitute for it exists!


My husband came home all excited because he found vegan baklava. I was pretty excited too! I love baklava! Of course, it wasn’t actually vegan. The ingredients for the pastry and the glaze were listed in two separate paragraphs, and he only noticed the first ingredients list. The pastry was animal product free, but the glaze contained honey of course. I told my husband not to buy baklava anymore. Then I ate 5 pieces of baklava.


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