March 4, 2014

Paper Due Date. A lot of snacking happened today.


1 glass of almond milk. I started drinking the original (not the coconut version) without even noticing it – just as plain glasses of milk, and while I remember finding that really distasteful in the past, I now think it tastes totally fine. Interesting. This experience, and the fact that I have a container of “better than cream cheese” still in the fridge inspired me to try a piece of vegan sourdough bread with the “cream cheese” and some vegan jam. That one was still disgusting. I do expect the flavored versions taste better – I think anything tastes better if you add some salt, spices, sugar etc. Anyhow, I didn’t want to eat any more of that stuff, so I had another 3 slices of toast over the course of the day with buttery spread and jam instead. Oh, and in regards to the jam that I thought had gelatin in it – it doesn’t! Sweet. Turns out my mom (who told me she made the jam with gelatin originally) actually made it with a plant based gelling powder.

I also ate an apple, and a salad (spinach, green olives, jalapeño peppers and green peppers dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar & Italian seasoning). Lastly, I ate a few bites of a pasta left in my daughter’s bowl after she finished dinner at her cousins house, and it had been in contact with a meat sauce.

I didn’t have any pizza today, but my son did, which inspired me to confirm that Panago‘s pizza crust was in fact vegan (it had been called into question by something a friend of mine had heard). I’m think it is vegan. Although the weird names of things in ingredients lists always make me a bit unsure of what exactly is in food sometimes. So here are the ingredients…vegan?:

Panago shell mix (1) Panago shell mix (2)


NAI raita and chickpea pilau

Chickpea pilau and leftover dal that had been tinkered with (added some tomato paste, a little bit of oil and chopped onion and cooked uncovered on medium heat for an extra 10 minutes or so). We used the leftover chutney from our new and improved raita, mixed it with a bit more “yogurt” than we had added the first time, and also added a bit of salt, pepper, and some fresh chopped onion and cucumber.


Coconut milk fudge bar. Delicious!!


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