March 5, 2014

The day following the handing in of my paper was heralded by….


Instant oatmeal with almond milk.


A glass of almond milk with chocolate syrup mixed in. Two slices of (non-vegan) whole wheat bread (the last 2 slices in the house!) with buttery spread and sliced avocado. A kiwi.


I ate another slice of the pudding cake my brother made. I’m a failure as an aspiring vegan.


Tried another Amy’s wrap, and similarly (from what I remember) to the first one, it was kind of bland, but I can’t really blame it’s vegan-ism for that. Also had half a grilled “cheese” sandwich, which I probably eat too many of, but they’re just soooo good!

We were surprised to find that the No Name brand plain potato perogies were vegan. We boiled them, fried them in vegan margarine and chopped garlic, and then tossed them in a mixture of tex-mex seasoning, paprika & lemon juice.

Lastly, we had a bowl of “creamy” butternut squash soup. All we did was warm it up and add a little bit of nutmeg.


3 thoughts on “March 5, 2014

    • I’m not sure I would characterize myself as wanting to go vegan “so badly,” as if I really did want it that badly, I’d probably just do it. I am of somewhat weaker conviction.

      The question of whether our species is somehow entitled to use other animals as property is one that I’ve thoughtfully considered for a while. I know to all the angry vegans out there that this is a question with a resoundingly obvious answer: of course not! Honestly, I’m not quite convinced that there isn’t something about humans that does differentiate us from other animals in an important way, but here are some thoughts I’ve had that inform my desire to transition to veganism.

      Any view in which the degree of concern or consideration we extend to an oppressed group depends on the degree of similarity of that group to ourselves is incredibly suspect to me. The decision of whose suffering and oppression matter more with respect to other species is one that no human can make with any real intellectual integrity, because we simply cannot divest ourselves of our privileged status as humans. This idea is important to me, because by participating in a system in which it is OK to oppress animals, I was, in practice creating a hierarchy of whose oppression matters more. That is, if on principle I wouldn’t participate in the oppression of an ethnic minority for instance, but would participate in the oppression of other animals, I was making a pretty strong statement about whose oppression was more important, and given my questioning of that idea, it’s not a statement I feel comfortable making any longer.

      Hope that answers your question. Sorry for the long reply. I’m fairly long winded.

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