March 7, 2014


Instant oatmeal with almond milk.


Three slices of vegan bread with buttery spread and homemade jam. The real reason I ate the bread was to get to eat the jam. When I had eaten 3 slices, I still wanted more jam, but I didn’t want any more bread, so I just ate 3 more spoonfuls of jam on it’s own. Yeah, maybe that’s a little weird.


We ate chickpea pilau with our raita, to which my husband decided to add a bunch of chili paste and some extra pepper. It was REALLY spicy!! A bit too spicy for my taste actually. We also had a bowl of dal, with more tomato paste, chopped onion, garlic and chili paste added. Following the additions it was cooked on the stove in an uncovered pot on low heat for 25 minutes before we ate it. We ate the dal with a masala chapatti, which we loved.

dal + chappatti


We tried a strawberry coconut milk bar, and it tasted pretty good, but we definitely prefer the dark chocolate ones. The strawberry flavor has a bit of an odd aftertaste.


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