March 8, 2014


Oatmeal with almond milk. I was planning to make pancakes this morning, but I decided to take my son skating instead, so all I had time for was oatmeal. Chocolate chip banana pancakes another day. My husband had a bit of a tricky time finding vegan chocolate chips  for them. And the sort he did end up finding were a tad expensive. I think I’ve heard that Costco brand are ‘accidentally vegan,’ so we’ll check that out next time we (he) goes to Costco.


A Panago pizza with tomato sauce, lots of veggies and no cheese on regular crust….before I found out it WASN’T vegan (the crust that is). Well that sucks. Apparently L-cysteine (as my super knowledgeable friend let me know) is industrially produced from poultry feathers. What the heck people?! Anyhow, I guess that means I can’t eat any more Panago regular crust pizzas. I’ll check out the gluten-free and multi-grain crusts…maybe one of them is L-cysteine free. I have to say, stuff like this really makes me wonder about how humans have historically come up with their ideas for using animals products. I mean, you see a carnivore hunt down another animal and eat it, and yeah, I guess I can see why you might say, “huh. maybe we could eat that too. by the end of the winter we start to run pretty low on potatoes round these parts,” but who looks at a bird and thinks, “huh. maybe if we take that bird’s feathers and hydrolyze them, we can add what we get out of that to some bread and eat it.” ???? Quite a leap if you ask me.


Movie theater popcorn (without butter of course) and a Fruitopia mixed with Sprite. I almost shouldn’t put this on the list since I ate about 2 pieces of that popcorn – the rest was devoured by my son and his cousin, while the other 2 cousins drank a little over half of the drink. Life changes after you have kids. You don’t get to eat your own popcorn anymore.


A bowl of chickpea pilau.

Dinner # 2:


I started off with a cucumber sprinkled with a little bit of salt, lime juice & paprika. It was a bit much (I think the paprika was maybe overkill), but I do love cucumber, so it was fine.

We also had some green pea pilau. It was OK (I’m a terrible person for saying this when I never have to cook anything myself), but not as good as the chickpea pilau.


Strawberry coconut milk bar. Still has weird aftertaste, but not weird or strong enough that I don’t want to at least finish the box!


3 thoughts on “March 8, 2014

  1. Re: choc chips – I prefer the Enjoy Life mini ones from Amaranth to the large Kirkland ones from Costco (Adriana is the opposite), but make sure I buy them either when they are on sale or by the case so I get 10% off. Pretty sure you can get vegan choc chips at Superstore too.

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