March 9, 2014


Instant oatmeal and almond milk. Also, about half a banana.


nuzi diner

I ate dinner at my mother-in-law’s house today. My husband told her in advance that I was eating vegan now, which was nice. My MIL already is not overly fond of me and their family is pretty big on meat eating, so I wasn’t looking forward to the drama I was sure would ensue with my announcement. Of course, the drama probably still will ensue, as my MIL (whom I love, and appreciate in many ways) is very dramatic. She usually spares me however, and my husband has to deal with the brunt of it. In those conversations, I (his wife of 6 years) am still occasionally referred to as “that girl.” But that’s sort of off-topic. Anyways, the food they served tonight that I could eat was good, and more than I expected. Pictured above is an awesome spicy yam dish my MIL made, as well as some plain rice (it doesn’t look plain because it has some food coloring in it – I still don’t exactly understand what the point  of adding food coloring to rice is, but I guess it looks kind of cool…), plain naan and steamed vegetables (to which I suspect a little bit of butter was added). I couldn’t confirm that the naan was animal-product free, so I didn’t keep an entirely vegan standard tonight. But I did resist the really delicious looking and smelling lamb curry, butter chicken and some sort of ribs (as well as the apple pie with ice cream for dessert). You can see I wasn’t kidding about them being big meat eaters. Man those looked soooo yummy! My vegan friends probably think I’m sort of evil for thinking this kind of thing, but I’m sorry – lamb curry, butter chicken and juicy ribs taste amazing. Even the fact that I think it’s not cool to be eating them gives me absolutely no distaste for the actual food itself.

Dinner #2:

sun dried tomato fettuccine

A sun-dried tomato fettuccine.


A popsicle


2 thoughts on “March 9, 2014

  1. After 6 years, you are still that girl? Sad. Both my kids love butter ‘chicken’, we just use tofu instead. As neither of my kids were overly fond of the pot pies I made (I loved them as a kid) I guess I will stick to making fruit pies and bring you one.

    • Don’t worry – I’m only ‘ that girl’s once in a while haha. Actually I think the frequency of my being that girl is going down with time, so I’m not too worried about it 🙂

      And I have no doubt your pies are the best pies ever!!!

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