March 12, 2014


A Happy Meal sized french fries from McDonald’s. A friend brought a Happy Meal for my son, but he was at school, so I stole the fries. He ate the other stuff in the car, as he needed to eat dinner on the run today. I also had a popsicle, and 2 apples.


fries & gravy

My husband found an AMAZING gravy recipe that totally reminds me of the sausage gravy from Denny’s. We ate it with french fries, and then, because it was soooo good, I ate some gravy right out of the pot with a spoon. AND since my husband finally actually used some nutritional yeast he picked up in the natural/health food aisle at Superstore, I can also happily say that our gravy was chock full of vitamin B12. Yep – our nutritional yeast provides 300% the daily recommended intake of of B12 per 1/4 cup. Good news!

We also had some corn and mushrooms, mixed with a little bit of chili flakes and fried in a little bit of vegan margarine. It was super yummy, but I have to say that revealing our ridiculous (eg. using butter as a spice) eating habits is a bit embarrassing. Good thing nobody else actually reads this!

We also had a tomato soup.


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