March 14, 2014


Instant oatmeal with almond milk.


2 slices of toast with vegan margarine and sprinkled black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I asked my husband to take a look whenever he gets a chance at Amaranth for bread at 50% off, but while he hasn’t done that yet, he did look through the ingredients of a whole bunch more bread at Safeway, and he found a variety that he thought was vegan – but I wasn’t sure because had one ingredient I didn’t know about: sorbitan monostearate. I looked it up on wikipedia first, but the article there didn’t seem to have any information about whether it was or was not animal derived. Then I found another website with a page on food additives. The only thing was that out of the list of additives they address, only a small number of them are always animal derived – the rest may or may not be. Anyways, according to this website, “commercial production [of sorbitan monostearate] is usually synthetic,” [italics added] so I decided I would eat this particular (already purchased – we’re cheap!) loaf of bread. However, I did send an inquiry to Safeway in regards to the matter, so we’ll put buying any more on hold until I get a satisfactory response.

I also had a bowl of ramen noodles with the same spices (as the toast) added.


Dal with rice.


Some chips with guacamole. A glass of almond milk with chocolate syrup mixed in. 6 vegan cupcakes. I know that’s a lot of cupcakes, but they were really good. Also, it’s not as though I ate 6 cupcakes all in one sitting. I ate one in the afternoon, one in the evening…and then four late at night. I should point out that there were still more vegan cupcakes in my fridge when I went to bed, and I did not eat those. So clearly, it’s not the case that I have a self-control problem. Right?

The awesome recipe used to make the cupcakes was provided by Entrées Etc.


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