Panago Customer Care Information for Vegans/Vegetarians

I received this in response to my inquiry about Panago‘s gluten-free crust and whether it was vegan:
Dear Brittany,

Thank you for your query!  It is Vegan Friendly!

We are pleased to offer a Gluten Smart pizza.  We have the crust itself made for us in a gluten-free facility.  It is produced only for Panago using a proprietary Panago recipe.  At the store,we use special pans, utensils and procedures for our Gluten-Smart pizzas.  When informed of any food allergy, we have one person who follows our allergen guidelines, make the pizza from start to finish, to reduce the potential for contact with the allergen.  We have also confirmed the Gluten-Smart Crust to be Vegan friendly and free of all major allergens (dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, sulphites, shellfish, peanut and tree nut, mustard and sesame seed).

We are delighted to let you know that the Gluten Smart Crust is made with wholegrain sorghum and sweet rice flour, instead of traditional wheat flour, and contains flax seed.

We do let everyone know that our products are prepared in an open-kitchen environment, we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen-free environment.  We do make flour based crusts at the store.  We do want celiacs and people with severe gluten allergies to be aware.  We do want to ensure we take every precaution on our end and advise them that the efforts we take may not be enough if they have a very extreme sensitivity.

Our Gluten-Smart pizza is thinner and crispier than our regular hand-tossed crust and it has a slightly sweeter flavour and a great crunch.

We have very few gluten items.  Two sauces, the Coconut Curry, and Butter Chicken.  Three toppings, the Genoa Salami, Meatballs, and Meat-Free Pepperoni.  If you get a salad remember to remove the croutons. Both types of our breadsticks and all four flavours of our wings do contain gluten.

Recipe pizzas like the New York Deli, Italian Deli, Genoa Classic, Butter Chicken, Veggie Korma, Meat-free pepperoni, Meatball, and Super Cheezy Meatball contain either a topping or a sauce that has gluten.

We do want to let you know we have made an effort.  We do want to offer our customers with a gluten intolerance or allergy an option. We hope we have provided you with enough information to decide if this is an option for you.

All of our cheeses are made with a microbial enzyme, instead of rennet, which is a plant derivative.  Know there are many types of Vegetarian.  A traditional Vegetarian, who would eat dairy, or a Vegan, who would not eat any animal products.

For a tradition Vegetarian, all our cheeses can be recommended.

I have included a list below suitable for a Vegan who would not eat dairy or eggs or any other animal products below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Thank You,

Amy Gunness
Panago Pizza Inc.

Dough-good for Vegans
Gluten Free Crust

Cheese-good for Vegans
We do not currently have a vegan-friendly cheese option. We have found a cheese-less pizza is often ordered.

Sauces-good for Vegans
Italian Tomato Sauce
Tropical Sauce
Passata Sauce
Hot Buffalo Sauce
Salsa Sauce
BBQ Sauce

Toppings-good for Vegans
Meat-free Pepperoni
Roasted Garlic
Jalapeno Peppers
Hot Banana Peppers
Roasted Corn Medley
Kalamata Olives
Black Olives
Green Olives
Fire Roasted Tomatoes
Mixed Grilled Veggies

Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Red onion
Cooked tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes
Baby Spinach

Salads-(dips and dressings below)good for Vegans
Salads are ok, if cheese is removed

Dips/Dressings-good for Vegans
Italian Tomato Dip
Cayenne Hot Sauce Dip

Shakers-good for Vegans
Italiano Shaker
Chilli Shaker

Cucina Products-good for Vegans
Panago Cucina Cayenne Hot Sauce



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