March 16, 2014

I had a really, really busy day, so I didn’t even get a chance to eat until…


I brought tortilla chips and store bought hummus (from Co-Op, it was the lime and black pepper hummus – I liked it) to a vegan potluck that is hosted monthly in Calgary. I LOVE going to these potlucks, because the food is AMAZING and there is always a huge variety. I guess some people also go to learn more about veganism, or get recipes/ideas. Since I don’t do any of the cooking in my house, I personally just go to eat. But you know, they’re good for that other stuff too. Oh yeah, and the people are really nice.

If I hadn’t been a bit flustered (I arrived, late, with my hungry 4yo and 9mo), I might have more carefully documented what I ate, but it’s a big task at the best of times (due to previously mentioned huge variety), so I didn’t. Off the top of my head, I remember eating some vegan sushi, some kind of cool wrap thingy (that might have had yam in it?), some spaghetti squash with green (maybe pesto-like?) sauce, chana masala, a veggie biriyani, a vegan doughnut, some carrot cake with cream “cheese” icing, a muffin, a couple of potato dishes and a kind of a chickpea salad. I know there was more, but I can’t quite remember it all.

Dinner #2:

potato curry

Rice with a yummy potato dish (boiled a big potato, chopped it into eighths. steamed a few chopped carrots. Baked both carrots and pototo with a few dashes of paprika and 6 shakes of black pepper for 10 mins @ 200 degrees celcius. Mixed the potato/carrot mixture with one cup of the previous night’s tomato and onion curry, and cooked uncovered on medium heat for a few minutes).


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