March 18, 2014


Toast with peanut butter, and a banana.


Toast with jam, and a banana.


More tortilla chips. More grape juice.


veggie loaf

I almost feel tlike I cheated on veganism. This dinner was so richly delicious, so soul-satisfyingly comforting, and so incredibly filling that I couldn’t believe it was vegan!

We actually started off with some tomato and onion curry (with added okra and cumin) on rice (not shown above). Then we ate a veggie loaf with peas, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, to which we added our own vegan gravy, so that the potatoes and veggie loaf were literally drowning in delicious gravy! We also ate some plain potato perogies (No Name brand I think) fried in a little bit of vegan margarine and tossed in tex mex seasoning, paprika, chili powder, black pepper and dried onion.


Chocolate & almond covered coconut milk bar. I could barely fit it in, I was so full from dinner, but since these are soooo yummy, I managed to find space.


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