March 22, 2014


A kiwi. Three pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam.

Lunch (?):

Menchie’s. My son had a haircut, and there’s a Menchie’s right next door, so…

Menchies Sev menchie's

I know that we went to Menchie’s last week too, but this actually isn’t something we do all that often – I promise. Prior to last week, our most recent visit had been last summer. In any case, the Menchie’s we went to today had 2 sorbet options, so I got them both swirled together (Honeydew and Strawberry) and topped it with crushed Oreo cookie and peach slices. It was delicious (obviously), but next time I’m going to a) put less sorbet in so I have more room for Oreo’s (or other toppings) and b) maybe take the time to research some other toppings and sauces so that *maybe* I don’t just always get Oreo’s and fruit everytime.


Dal with toast.

Dinner #2:

mushroom rice burgers

This is steamed corn, some rice cooked in veggie broth and mushroom and rice burgers – you can’t really tell, but there’s sautéed onions and mustard on the burgers too! The burgers were “meaty” and satisfying – definitely didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything eating them. I suspect the buns weren’t vegan. My husband brought them home from a store bakery, and when I asked if they were vegan, he said he forgot to check. Obviously, since they’re the kind that come out of a bin, there’s no ingredients list, but I expect there’s some animal products in there. Oops.


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