March 24, 2014


Instant oatmeal with almond milk.


2 slices of toast with vegan margarine and jam. Half a slice of toast with peanut butter. Some crackers dipped in vegan icing (yes, that’s weird, but I really like icing, and there was some leftover icing in the fridge, and I thought it would be less weird that just eating the icing with a spoon). Some icing – eaten plain with a spoon. The icing recipe was compliments of Entrées Etc. A banana.


A slice of toast with half an avocado spread on it. The other half of the avocado I ate just on it’s own. I also ate 2 bites of (non-vegan) macaroni and cheese – leftovers from the dinner my son was eating that he didn’t want to finish. What can I say? Being a mother is sometimes synonymous with being a human garbage disposal unit, and I’m just not that principled.

Dinner #2:

A grilled “cheese” sandwich, and a couple of vegan taquitos from Sol Cuisine.The taquitos tasted pretty much like any other taquito I’ve ever had, except that they were a bit bland, for which we can’t blame veganism. I’d eat them again, but probably with some hot sauce or a spicy salsa. We also had a bowl of tomato soup with a bit of added parsley.


One thought on “March 24, 2014

  1. Taquitos come in diff flavors. I get Starlight Cuisine crispy rolled tacos (stock up when on sale otherwise too expensive) and get chipotle chicken flavor. I often dip them in hummus or sauce. They have gf ones too.

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