March 27, 2014


Toast with peanut butter and banana.


A bunch of ginger snaps. My mom offered me some, and I was all like, “yeah, I probably can’t even have those,” but when I checked the ingredients, they were vegan! There is no reason for cookies to have animal products – these cookies were just accidentally vegan, and they tasted great!

Dinner #1:

mucho burrito

Recently, someone in an online forum I’m a part of brought pointed out that Mucho Burrito actually has a lot of vegan options, so I asked my husband to pick some up for me on his way home from work.This one is the soft shell corn taco, with fresh veggies, black beans, sauteed veggies, cilantro lime rice, the corn and black bean salsa, guacamole and smothered sauce. I LOVED it. When I eat food like this, I don’t understand at all why people think that vegan food just can’t taste as good. It didn’t taste like anything was missing at all. I want to eat some more of this kind of food soon!

Dinner #2:

Potato kebabs with chickpea pilau.


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