March 28, 2014


Toast with peanut butter and banana.


Oreo cookies. More ginger snaps. Half a cheesy bread. This one was pretty terrible – if I hadn’t eaten it, there was only about a 50% chance it would have ended up in the garbage. Someone might have eaten it. Really, it was just sitting there, and I wanted some because I LOVE cheese, so I ate it. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.


Chickpea pilau and potato kebabs.


We had dal with rice. It wasn’t my husband’s recipe. My family and I had a weekend away with my in-laws, and my mother-in-law made dinner. It was very yummy, and a nice change. She uses green dal instead of red (which is what my husband usually uses), and also flavors it differently than my husband does. Remember too, these are the in-laws that usually eat a lot of meat, so I thought it was really thoughtful of them to cook a veg dinner!




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