March 29, 2014


Half a piece of (non-vegan) toast with butter – left over from my son’s breakfast that his grandma served him (still on our weekend away). I was really hungry. And I’m terrible at being vegan apparently.


We went to a Banff restaurant called The Maple Leaf. They literally had absolutely zero menu options that were already vegan, and only one that was even really realistically veganise-able.  That was the quinoa salad. It typically would be served with a honey containing dressing, but I got it with an olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing instead. Even though I was disappointed there weren’t more options, the salad was really enjoyable. Most quinoa salads I’ve had were mostly quinoa, with vegetables mixed in. This was a salad – fresh broccoli, cucumber, an assortment of lettuce-y type things, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and fried onions, with a sprinkling of quinoa mixed in. It was a great!


More Oreo cookies. Some homemade (vegan) peanut brittle. An old fashioned dark chocolate stick that they were handing out at the Cave and Basin. Some potato chips (original flavour). Some mountain berry herbal tea.


banff dinner

We had more of my MIL’s rice and dal from the night before, this time with cooked carrots, a delicious fried potato, onion and spinach dish, and a salad (dressed in orange ginger dressing) with romaine, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and onions. The rest of my family had chicken wings, but again, I really appreciated their consideration as I doubt they would have made the potato dish if it hadn’t been for me.



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