March 30, 2014


Half a piece of non-vegan toast with butter – just like the day before. I also had a bite of my son’s leftover cheese pizza before we tossed it. I’m not very strong willed.


We went to a restaurant called Le Beaujolais. The menu here was a tiny bit more vegan friendly than the restaurant we went to the day before. They did have a vegan toast option, a fruit salad, a fruit smoothie (that would normally have yogurt in it, but that could easily be left out) and two in-house made vegan cereal-y type things. I got one of those cereals – a granola which would normally be served with greek yogurt, mixed with a bunch of fresh fruit. To add the moisture that you would otherwise get from the yogurt, I poured some of my (yogurt left out) strawberry-banana smoothie on top of the granola. I also stole a whole bunch of my husband’s hash browns.

Lunch #2:

leftover lunch


Leftover chickpea pilau with mixed in zucchini salin, leftover dal, and potato and spinach dish (both my mother-in-law’s that we brought home from Banff).


Um, I had 2 pieces of non-vegan pizza. Apparently the situation of having tons of pizza in our house is not one I’m prepared to handle. The reason we have a bunch of non-vegan pizza in the house is that my husband works at a pizza place, and there were a bunch of “mistake pizzas” – where someone made the wrong thing, and so they had to remake one for the customer. These pizzas, if not claimed by staff (which there weren’t) would otherwise end up in the garbage, which is why my husband sent them home. And since I love pizza, having all the pizza in the house renders me devoid of any self control.


A piece of vegan toast with aloo salin (basically the exact same thing as the zucchini salin, except with potatoes instead). Chickpea pilau with some added sun-dried tomatoes, chopped green onions and turmeric.




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