(Bad) Vegan Pizza


The other night, my husband got the idea that he wanted to try to make some vegan pizzas at home. Now, since he works at a pizza place, he didn’t want to just make what he could have made at work, so he decided to mix it up a bit.

He made one pizza that was actually pretty typical – tomato sauce, some sprinkled Italian seasoning and Daiya’s mozzarella like shreds. Another one was tomato sauce with lightly sautéed mushrooms and the “mozzarella.” Lastly, he cooked some veggie ground round with onion and green pepper and some Indian spices and yes (shudder), topped it with the “mozzarella.”

None of these tasted good. My husband got overconfident in Daiya products as a result of our success with grilled cheese sandwiches, but……ew. I mostly blame the “cheese,” although some of the other stuff was maybe a bit weird too. Maybe we’ll try Daiya to make vegan pizzas again in the future, but I’ll need some time to recover from the trauma of this experience. I also think that Daiya really doesn’t actually taste like cheese, so while it can be good sometimes, it should be used sparingly. For instance, in our grilled cheese sandwiches, we use a pretty light layer of the pepperjack style Daiya shreds, not to mention the fact that bread is delicious (because it’s bread) and we fry the sandwiches in a frying pan with vegan buttery spread. My advice is to use caution when using Daiya.


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