Eating with Family – Happy Experience

When I first announced my intention to become vegan, I felt that my sister-in-law was a bit…something. Dismissive maybe? Or that perhaps she thought it was phase I would grow out of, so she didn’t need to take it that seriously? I could be wrong of course, I just thought I perhaps detected a bit of eye rolling. 

Yesterday, she invited me and my kids over for lunch, and let me know in advance that we’d be eating lentils (which meant I didn’t have to worry). It turned out she actually served a lima bean dish on rice as the main part of the meal, in which she would usually use milk. Because I was coming for lunch, she kept a portion separate for me to which she didn’t add the milk. This probably sounds silly (and maybe vegans out there are just thinking, “she shouldn’t have used milk in anyone’s lunch!”), but it actually made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside. Even if she totally doesn’t get it, and even though she’s a pretty no-nonsense type of person, the fact that she did a little bit extra than what she had to in her busy day (she has 4 very young children to take care of!) was meaningful to me. So I guess this post is just about appreciating someone who cares about me, even though she doesn’t have the same viewpoint as me, or totally “get” me all the time. Oh – and lunch was really yummy too!


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