Vegan Prawns


These don’t really taste like prawns. The fishy, seafood-y flavour just isn’t there. However, they also don’t taste bad. There’s no weird after-taste, or anything, which seems to be a common downfall of vegan substitutes for things. They just taste…well, sort of like bland nothing. The good news is that the texture is very convincing, so these could easily be used in a flavourful dish, or in a sauce, and be great. My plan is: butter prawns! You know, butter chicken, but with vegan prawns instead!


One thought on “Vegan Prawns

  1. earthlings2013 says:

    The key to any dish, vegan or not, is the seasonings or sauce – I found the prawns bland as well.. I’m not overly into seafoody stuff myself, though I make a mean tuna casserole. You can make it using chickpeas, but I had a package of faux tuna from the SDA veggie van. A friend who is fond of seafood said it compares well.

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