When I first started this blog, I wrote the this about it.

As time went on, however, I realised that first, keeping track of every single thing I ate was a lot of work. Second, I felt the calls of the “bloggernacle.” Particularly of late, it seems Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) everywhere are taking to the internet to voice their opinions about all things, and particularly all things Mormon. For a while, I got through by writing things on my personal Facebook account, but I’m sure all my friends that are not interested in Mormonism and/or feminism are starting to get tired of that.

While I no longer intend to document everything that I eat, because it is too much work, I will continue to put up information pertinent to my experience as an (aspiring) vegan, including customer information from stores and restaurants, and recipes.

I will also be putting up expressions of my thoughts on things as they arise, and as I have the time. Two of the topics on which I frequently have thoughts are Mormonism and feminism.


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